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One of AstroHosts' strengths is our ability to adapt to customers own particular requirements so if our hosting packages do not happen to suit you then consult our service and price guide or contact us to discuss your specific requirements - we can almost certainly put something together which will suit you.

AstroHosts offers three types of web hosting services:


Our business web hosting service is aimed at the professional and demanding user and provides highly specified, fast and reliable web hosting on Windows 2003 or Linux servers with a guaranteed 1Mb/s connection (burstable to 100Mbps).

Our personal web hosting service is a basic package on the same high quality Windows 2003 or Linux servers. We aim to provide the same level of reliabilty too, but these packages provide slightly fewer "bells and whistles".

We offer hosting on Linux or Windows based servers. If you don't know which is best for you, don't worry, just ask us. Tell what it is you need and we'll tell you which is best for you - and don't worry about a hard-sell because we keep the prices the same.

We also offer loads of advanced features and options, but you don't have to pay for them if you do't want or need them so our bsic prices start from as little as £30 per year

Click here to compare our different hosting packages!

In general we do not impose bandwidth limits but our basic pricing assumes an average bandwidth consumption of 1Gb/month.

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