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In our experience, when personal and small-business customers are setting up a web site, e-mail options are often neglected.

Often you see something like this:

Poor Fred. Whatever happened to
info@shyniwindows.co.uk or sales@shyniwindows.co.uk?
Shyni Windows
email: FredShyni@webmail.com

At Astrohosts we regard e-mail as an important and integrated part of any hosting package and this page provides details of the email facilities we offer along with a clear and simple explaination of what they do.

The following features are available to all our clients:

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POP3 mailboxes
SMTP server
unlimited email addresses
multi-recipient addresses OPTION
email forwarding
'Spam' filtering
Announcement mailing lists
Discussion mailing lists

POP3 mailboxes: unique password protected mailboxes which can be associated with one or more email addresses - these separate email intended for different staff or family members. Astrohosts caan also offer IMAP connections to mailboxes.

SMTP server: The outgoing route for your email. Typically you can use the SMTP service provided by your ISP but if you prefer, we also provide our own.

Webmail: If you are away from your home or office you can still check your email and send email through any web browser - we ofer a choice of two alternative interfaces, just choose the one you prefer. Of course, you need to know your username and password!

Unlimited email addresses: You can have them, but we don't recommend it - beware of spam. The bigger your virtual letterbox, the more junk you may receive in it.

Email forwarding: the 'invisible' process which connects your email address to your POP3 mailbox. If it is more convenient for you we can route Astrohosts email to any external adddress or mailbox.

'Spam' filtering: 'Spam' - or UCE (unwanted commercial e-mail, to give its formal description) - is these days an almost unavoidable consequence of announcing yourself on the Internet. Over the years it has become troublesome and sometimes downright offensive. We don't like it and we don't want it. Our mail servers automatically analyse emails and rate them according to their source and content.

Multi-recipient email addresses: These are addresses which can deliver email to more than one destination mailbox. We offer these as standard to our business clients but they are also avialable as extras to our personal clients.

Mailing lists: These are a little complicated to describe but actually very easy to use and provide an easy method of contacting groups of people by email. Their addresses are stored in a database within the list server so that when an email is sent to the address of that list all the members receive the email. In an announcement mailing list only the list administrator(s) can send to the list, but in a discussion mailing list any of the members can post to it. So mailing lists can be very powerful commincation tools for many clubs, organisations and businesses.

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