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If you are planning a web site your choice of domain name is crucial. If you are running a business your web site address (URL) will become a big part of your business identity. It is, of course, the way that people will find your site, and hopefully it will be memorable enough to earn your site repeat visits.

People will remember and return to but what are the chances of them coming back to

Similarly, if your email address is it will say more about your business than an address like

Whether you want a domain name for a business site or a hobby page it is likely that you will want a domain name ending in .com or as these are the most common and easily recognised. If your site is a hobby site or for a non-commercial organisation of some kind you should also consider or as this is more appropriate and you should find a wider choice of names available.

The first part of your domain name is entirely up to you, but you will need to choose something which is at least three characters long. The characters themselves must be alphanumeric a-z and 0-9. Hyphens can also be used. (Domain names are not case sensitive).

Naturally domain names must be unique. This means it is possible that your choice of name may not be quite as easy as you would like. Many popular names have already been bought up, and it is quite simply first come, first served. As a result some prized domain names have changed hands for considerable sums. 

Astrohosts does not trade in domain names in this way, but we can help you find and register brand new domain names for you or your business.

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You can read more details here and at: | Nominet Terms and Conditions
A full list of country code Top Level Domains for commercial and general use £10.00
per 2 years
(order for 2 years) for non-commercial use for limited company use only
.com for commercial and general use £15.00
per year
(order for 1-10 years)
.net for use by internet service providers
.org for non-commercial use


for commercial and general use

per year
(order for 2-10 years)


for non-commercial use


for commercial use

IMPORTANT - Our domain name renewal policy:
We will automatically renew your domain name annually or bi-annually as approriate so that you will never lose it. If you so not wish us to renew it you must tell us in writing, by email, at least 30 days before renewal is due so that we have your clear authority to allow it to lapse. If not we will renew it and you will be invoiced accordingly.